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Program Timing: Ongoing / Location: St. Paul, Minnesota

Do you like working with people? Helping others achieve their goals? Then consider this service year position!

Position Summary: Help single adults experiencing homelessness to increase their employ-ability, find gainful employment, and strengthen their financial stability.

Essential Functions:
• Support clients experiencing homelessness with ongoing development of individualized education and career plans while identifying barriers and their solutions.
• Track progress of plan and supports while facilitating advancement and clients’ personal progression.
• Link support services, education/training providers, career and industry information, and employment opportunities.
• Provide support and training one-to-one as well as in small group settings.
• Work collaboratively with “service team” members, such as education providers, social services, industry representatives, and employers.

Qualifications Needed:
• Proficient computer skills (word processing, internet, data entry, e-mail, etc.) with ability to build and edit resume materials.
• Ability to work closely with people of a variety of cultures and backgrounds.
• Patience and adaptability required to respond to varying communication styles and cultural perspectives.
• Ability to develop understanding of challenges associated with populations that experience unique difficulty with obtaining employment such as homeless adults, ex-offenders, people with mental illness, and people with a history of substance abuse.
• Ability to work closely with people who have mental health and/or chemical dependency issues
• Ability to work independently or as a member of a team
• Experience working with persons from diverse racial, ethnic, homeless populations, and/or economic backgrounds.