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Program Timing: Ongoing / Location: Washington DC

Follow St. Francis’s radical way of life through accompaniment, peace and justice as you gain first-hand program coordination skills while growing in faith and living in an intentional community.

DC Service Corps Program – Programs Associate Position Overview:
The Programs Associate serves for 35 hours per week at the Franciscan Mission Service’s headquarters, working on collaborative initiatives and leading creative projects that support Catholic international and U.S. mission programs. The Programs Associate is actively making a social impact while gaining professional experience and leadership skills that many administration-heavy entry-level positions do not provide.

Read Fatima’s (Programs Associate 2020-21) reflection on her role within the FMS office, finding the mission of accompaniment in abundance.

About the DC Service Corps Program:
The DC Service Corps (DCSC) Program offers young-adult Catholics opportunities to learn about nonprofits, deepen one’s commitment to service, grow in faith, and live out the Franciscan values daily. In the spirit of Saints Francis and St. Clare, volunteers serve for a year in various ministries, sharing Christ’s love and cultivating relationships of peace and justice.

This transformative experience is enriched by an intentional Christian community, in which volunteers focus on simple living, prayer, reflection, and living the Gospel mission of “service and action for a more just and humane world.” As a house of hospitality, Casa San Salvador also provides volunteers with the opportunity to live with (and offer hospitality to) guests from around the world.The house is located in a vibrant Catholic community of DC, walking distance to the National Basilica, restaurants and shops, and a metro and bus stop hub.

Meet the 2020-21 DC Service Corps volunteers in the Full Casa YouTube video here!

Programs Associate’s Position Responsibilities:
–Organize speakers and sessions for international training
–Spearhead the organization’s recruitment strategy and outreach
–Accompany and support all prospective applicants
–Design and draft special programmatic newsletters
–Plan and execute special events, such as community gatherings and short-term mission trip logistics
–Participate in intentional community and the DC Service Corps Program

Required Qualifications:
–Must be 21-35 years old and have a desire to develop servant leadership skills
–Have a demonstrated commitment to service, social justice, and one’s own faith development
–Open to learning about Franciscan spirituality and committed to living in intentional community

–Experience working with a mission-based organization
–Friendships for life in intentional community
–Professional development and spiritual formation
–Monthly stipend, health insurance, and a fully-furnished bedroom in a vibrant DC community

How to apply:
–Submit an application by visiting the following webpage:
–Or by emailing [email protected] for more information!

About Franciscan Mission Service:
Franciscan Mission Service (FMS) is an independent nonprofit organization that provides Catholic women and men the opportunity to serve in solidarity with economically marginalized communities around the world. FMS trains, sends, and supports lay Catholics to accompany others in a way that is respectful of cultural and religious differences. Our missioners take on a posture of humility and honor the wisdom of the communities in which they live.