Green Enterprise/Workforce Development Program

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Program Timing: Ongoing / Location: Detroit, MI

The Cody/Rouge Community Resource Center serves neighborhood residents by providing access to co-working space and entrepreneurship and workforce skill training programs. The program manager will work with all aspects of planning and implementing businesses that will provide both training and jobs for residents to participate in community development. Tasks include:

• Updating and implementing project plans for green infrastructure workforce development;
• Assisting with community engagement;
• Articulating connections between green infrastructure social enterprise, entrepreneurial, and middle/high school programs;
• Recruiting contacts for resident-produced goods and services;
• Identifying opportunities to deploy environmental solutions to rainwater runoff, drainage, soil, garden, and/or solar needs;
• Marketing and recruiting residents to work in the industry;
• Identifying unique opportunities to synergize the work within the neighborhood and among partnering agencies and services.