Home School Teacher

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Start: Aug 2, 2021 / End: Not Applicable / Location: Alderson, WV
Program: Bethlehem Farm

Do you feel called to a life of prayer, simplicity, community, and service? We invite you to
prayerfully consider joining us in our journey by applying to be a Caretaker-Home School
Teacher at Bethlehem Farm. This position is eligible for the AmeriCorps education award.

Each member of our Caretaker community has felt called to life and service at Bethlehem Farm.
Some join the Bethlehem Farm Caretaker community for one year while others have made an
indefinite commitment. All of us have a unique story to tell when asked, “How did you end up at
a hilltop farm in the mountains of West Virginia?,” yet each of those stories share common
themes: a desire to be a part of an intentional community, to seek God every day, to strive for
sustainability, and to serve, especially in low-income home repair. These are just a few of the
blessings and challenges of life at Bethlehem Farm.

With the supervision of the Bethlehem Farm Director (or his/her designee) and accountable to
the family of the children and/or the Caretaker Community, the Caretaker-Home School Teacher
serves as the middle school educator of the children who live at Bethlehem Farm and assumes
other roles and responsibilities as needed by the community. For the 2022-2023 school year,
there is one child that needs instruction. Miriam will be a sixth-grader. She has lived at
Bethlehem Farm her whole life and enjoys reading, exploring, and biking.

General Duties & Responsibilities
• Open to living a close committed community life
• A person of faith open to the Catholic tradition
• Participates in chores, Caretaker meetings, and plans prayer as assigned
• Interacts with volunteers, participating in all aspects of group weeks as a role model
• Maintains professional boundaries and works well with others
• Willingness to work under a variety of situations with flexibility
• Performs regular self and group evaluations with the guidance of Community Facilitator
• Upholds Christian standards and values as described in “Responsibilities of Community
Members” in the Bethlehem Farm Community Handbook

Duties and Responsibilities
• Responsible for homeschool education for the children
• Plans daily school schedules for students, openness to non-standard school hour/year schedules
such as academics in the morning and projects in the afternoon.
• Responsible for tracking the completion of school work and communicating with parents
• Creates and/or follows a curriculum that is approved by the parents, including art, music, and
physical education.
• Maintains and ensures safety of the children during the school day
• Builds and maintains positive rapport with parents
• Supervises Summer Servants or volunteers in assisting with homeschool instruction, when
available or possible.
• Plans collaborative education opportunities (i.e. field trips) in the local community

• Commitment to the Bethlehem Farm mission and quality education for children
• A working knowledge and belief in Catholic social teachings
• Open to prayer, simplicity, and living in community
• A Bachelor’s and/or Master’s degree in Education or equivalent work experience
• Classroom experience preferred
• Willing to engage in the local community (i.e. homeschool groups and field trips) and open to
accessing West Virginia public school resources.
• Desire a minimum of a one-year commitment with a 2-year commitment preferred
• COVID-19 Vaccination completed
• Possession of a driver’s license and a good driving record