International Volunteering: Peru!

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Start: Dec 20, 2021 / End: Not Applicable / Location: Chulucanas, Peru

The Augustinian Volunteers are looking for young adults (21-29 years old) to serve internationally from mid/late-February 2022 to mid/late-December 2022 in Chulucanas, Peru. The Augustinian Volunteer program covers the costs for all living expenses, housing, health insurance, transportation, and provides each volunteer with a small personal stipend.

Chulucanas is a small town located in the Piura region in the northern part of Peru. Famous for exporting mangos, lemons, and pottery, it has a population of approximately 80,000 residents. The town of Chulucanas is surrounded by the campo or countryside, which encompasses other small villages. Volunteers live in a modest home and walk, bike, or take moto taxis to get around town. Piura, the closest city to Chulucanas, contains an airport, larger hospital, and commercial spaces typical of a metropolitan area.

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