Loretto Volunteer – Kelly Center for Hunger Relief

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Start: Aug 9, 2021 / End: Jul 15, 2022 / Location: El Paso, TX

The Loretto Volunteer Program is a project of the Loretto Community, a welcoming and inclusive Catholic order of sisters with a 200-year history of advocating for peace, women’s equality and solutions to social injustices.

Kelly Center for Hunger Relief is an independent, nonprofit organization dedicated to fighting hunger in El Paso, Texas. Kelly provides a monthly distribution of supplemental and/or emergency food. They also partner with a local farm to provide local, nutritious food. One of Kelly’s programs is the Fresh Start program, which focuses strongly on food assistance, case management, and healthy eating and active living as components. The Loretto Volunteer will serve as the Fresh Start Loretto Volunteer, helping members secure access to resources, education, and support. The Fresh Start LoVo will provide continuity of service to Fresh Start members, including assisting with intake process, case management and food management. The Fresh Start program recognizes that hunger is not just caused by a lack of food, but also lack of human capital (including education, employment, and income), social support, and social capital. Any attempt to improve long-term food security requires more than just short-term food. It also seeks to develop strong and active partnerships with related social services providers.

Our service year runs from mid-August 2021 to mid-July 2022.

Learn more about our Program and this position with the Opportunity Center on our website: http://www.lorettovolunteers.org/