Maggie’s Place AmeriCorps Member

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Program Timing: Ongoing / Location: Phoenix, Arizona; Cleveland, OH
Program: Maggie's Place

AmeriCorps Members are the hands and the heart of our work. We believe that showing love to each individual mom is what makes our mission successful, and AmeriCorps are first and foremost those community-builders. You will be responsible for living in the homes alongside moms and other volunteers sharing meals, doing chores, celebrating accomplishments, and working through hard things together. You’ll take initiative in a variety of situations that range from a mom going into labor, to roommate conflicts, to showing hospitality to visitors. You will be responsible for creating a safe, welcoming, home-like environment for the moms so they can focus on achieving their goals.

Duties: Live in community with pregnant women, new moms, newborns, and other volunteers for one full year, with the option to recommit for another year. Responsible for administrative functioning of the homes, which includes assuming one of the following roles: Donations Coordinator, Volunteer Coordinator, Programs Coordinator, House Operations Coordinator, or House Manager. Participate in community functions, including celebrations, house retreats, weekly house meetings, and weekly trainings or formations. Provide daytime and overnight house coverage by answering the phone, welcoming visitors, offering tours, receiving/processing donations, opening or locking up the property, responding to mom needs, and responding to the duty of the moment. Mentor 1-2 moms at a time by providing support and accountability in weekly meetings, while working in conjunction with a family coach at The Fiat House. Provide rides for moms and babies to and from Maggie’s Place events, classes, workshops, appointments, or job interviews as needed.

Benefits: $735 Monthly Stipend, Health Insurance, Room & Board, Vacation Days, Personal Retreat Days, Group and Individual Counseling options, access to company vehicles, Weekly Professional Training or Spiritual Formation, Gym Membership Reimbursement, AmeriCorps Educational Award upon completion. To Apply: Please submit a resume, cover letter, two letters of reference, and a completed application to Emily at Application can also be found online at