Milwaukee Mission Opportunity

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Start: Jul 31, 2019 / End: Not Applicable / Location: Milwaukee, WI

12plus1 is a new service and faith based mission experience located in Milwaukee, WI designed for participants ages 18-24. Our purpose is to make a positive impact in the community, help participants identify their gifts, grow in faith and assist the participant in discerning their academic and professional future. As a participant, you will serve in non-profit organization that serves the poor and vulnerable in the Milwaukee area about 32 hours a week. Through service, you will get to meet people for whom poverty, racism, homelessness, incarceration, addiction, violence are a regular part of their life experience. This experience will move you out of your comfort zone and provide you a new perspective about life in poverty. You will also learn about the social justice issues facing people in Milwaukee and many urban areas.

Besides service you will live in a community of 4-8 people. The community will create a structure to manage issues such as budget, cooking, cleaning, shopping and conflict resolution. One day a week is dedicated to processing and reflecting on the service experience. Our formation day will include prayer, community discussion and dialogue, theological reflection and justice education. This is a crucial aspect that helps participants to integrate the experience into their daily life.

Our first year long cohort will start July 31, 2019. We ask for applications to be submitted by May 22, 2019. If interested you can email Director Joe Nettesheim at [email protected] or visit our website