Refugee Resettlement Position: Healthcare Navigator

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Start: Aug 11, 2019 / End: Jul 31, 2020 / Location: Cleveland, OH

Cap Corps is looking to fill a vital role of Healthcare Navigator at Catholic Charities Migration and Refugee Services in Cleveland, OH. The Cap Corps Volunteer assists newly arrived refugees in their initial doctor’s appointment and accompanies them in caring for their medical needs. The Cap Corps Volunteer builds relationships with refugee clients and works with a team to support their needs.

Cap Corps is sponsored by the Capuchin Franciscan Friars and has houses in Cleveland, OH and Washington, DC. The volunteers work full time in education, healthcare, or social service positions, and live simply in intentional community with one another. Benefits include monthly personal & community stipends, a commute stipend, health insurance, housing, utilities, year end award, retreats, spiritual direction, training, work experience, professional growth & networks, and life long friendships with the friars and one another.