Serve in Honduras!

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Start: Jun 1, 2019 / End: Not Applicable / Location: Honduras

The Olancho Aid Foundation is a Catholic non-profit organization that seeks to provide a quality education and clean drinking water to our community in Honduras. The Foundation operates schools (a special needs school, a bilingual elementary, a bilingual high school, and a Spanish-speaking college prep high school), over 800 students, and over 60 teachers, as well as a number of water purification projects in our area. Two distinct volunteer programs help the Foundation accomplish these goals: the traditional volunteer program and the specialist volunteer program.

The Foundation recruits a cohort of up to ten foreign volunteers every semester to participate in the traditional volunteer program. The focus of this program is on community, spirituality, social justice, and simple living. It is a cultural exchange program that allows students to practice English with native-English speakers and offers volunteers opportunities for personal, professional, and spiritual growth.

The specialist volunteer program is geared toward experienced professionals and experts in their field who work to fill a specific, immediate need in the Foundation. Specialists serve as leaders and mentors within the Foundation administration.

Traditional volunteers serve in roles within the Foundation as needed, most often in either the bilingual (English/Spanish) high school or elementary school. Specific assignments will be discussed through the interview process and during orientation once on the ground in Honduras. Some potential roles include:
ESL Tutor: Work with students in individually or in small groups to reinforce written and spoken English skills.
Teaching Assistant: Assist classroom teacher in designing and executing lesson plans.

Currently, the Foundation is also seeking Specialist volunteers who have extensive experience in the following areas:
Human Resources Specialist: Provide support to the Director of Human Talent. Duties may include mentoring HR staff, developing, evaluating, editing, or translating job descriptions and HR policies.
Early Education Specialist: Provide support to preschool and kindergarten teachers by providing feedback and strategies to improve the early education program. Assist in lesson planning, delivering lessons, evaluating student performance and participating in school-wide activities.
Mission Team Assistant: Provide support to the mission team program at the Volunteer House, in the field, and with minor administrative duties. Duties may include interpreting English and Spanish, frequent travel to the capital city of Honduras as well as remote communities of Olancho, acting as an ambassador for both mission teams and the communities they serve.

Deadline to for fall 2019 is June 1st, 2019.