Serve the inner-city poor as A Simple House Missionary

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Start: May 10, 2022 / End: Jul 31, 2022 / Location: Washington, DC and Kansas City, MO

A Simple House missionaries live radically Christian lives in voluntary poverty and in service to the poor. Our missionaries go out in pairs to the poorest neighborhoods of Washington, DC and Kansas City, MO to meet the poor in their own homes and homeless camps. Friendship evangelization is the method we use to spread the Gospel. Missionaries bring the Good News to the poor in new and creative ways. Our missionaries help the poor carry their burdens and accompany them in their efforts to improve their lives and grow closer to Christ. The core of the ministry is love and friendship. A Simple House is a place to respond to the biblical call to give to the poor and follow Jesus. Our missionaries are given the special opportunity to radically dedicate themselves to spiritual growth while living in community with others trying to do the same.

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Watch A Day in the Life of a Simple House Missionary to learn more about our ministry.

Financial Arrangements

Missionaries are not required to fundraise a salary. Room and board, monthly stipend, loan assistance, and community vehicles are provided.

Service Length

Missionaries make an initial commitment of 10 months (August 1 through May 31).

Program Size

Missionaries live in communities of 4-8 per location.


Missionaries must be practicing Catholics who have a sincere desire to minister to the poor through the spiritual and corporal works of mercy.

Living Arrangements

Missionaries live in community houses in Washington, DC and Kansas City, MO (male and female missionaries have separate living quarters). Our homes are in poor neighborhoods near the people we serve.


Two weeks of introductory training at the beginning of August followed by weekly strategy meetings with local director. In February, all missionaries convene for a silent retreat at a monastery.

Application Deadline

We accept applications on a rolling basis.

Start Date

August 1