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Start: Aug 19, 2020 / End: Aug 19, 2021 / Location: New York

Family Foster Care provides safe, temporary care to children and adolescents who have been removed from their families because of possible abuse or neglect. Family Foster Care works with birth families, foster families, and the youth to meet each of their unique needs, with the ultimate goal of creating a safe and supportive home environment for the youth to return to. Family Foster Care consists of a multidisciplinary team including caseworkers, Education Specialists, medical staff, Youth Development & Permanency Coordinators, and Employment-Vocational specialists. This wide range of professionals provides a myriad of services designed specifically for youth in the foster care system, as well as continuing services in an aftercare program for youth aging out of care.

Good Shepherd Volunteer’s Role
There are 1-2 GSVs at Family Foster Care located in the Bronx, NY.
The GSV’s serving at Family Foster Care have historically worked in a myriad of roles and have interacted with many different professionals in the agency. Some past GSV tasks have included assisting in parenting groups for both birth and foster parents, running PYA (Preparing Youth for Adulthood) groups to teach life skills to the youth, and supporting Family Foster Care staff in their administrative needs, such as recruiting youth and parents for groups, conducting credit checks for youth, creating monthly PYA newsletters, and communicating via email and phone with community resources such as schools and more. Occasionally GSV’s will accompany youth during recreational activities such as shows or sporting events.