Urban Agriculture

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Program Timing: Ongoing / Location: Detroit, MI

The Capuchin Soup Kitchen is a network of services that meets the deep needs of Detroit’s Eastside. Due to seasonal demands, a volunteer is needed to support staff at two locations. Earthworks Urban Farm sits on 2.5 acres of certified organic land. They seek to build a just, food system through education, inspiration, and community development. Nearby is the Capuchin Services Center. They serve 228,000 neighbors annually with emergency food, clothing, and supportive services. The volunteer will focus on daily support of each site’s initiatives, and Earthworks’ curriculum development and evaluation.

This full-time volunteer position is available through Mercy Volunteer Corps. Mercy Volunteer Corps (MVC) is a full-time lay volunteer program offering placements in the continental U.S. and Guyana, South America. We invite women and men to compassionate service with people who are economically poor or marginalized in our society. MVC calls volunteers to service characterized by mutuality, respect, and compassion. Rather than “giving to, and doing for,” service with MVC is about the mutual empowerment of volunteers and clients, both giving and receiving, and advocating with instead of for the people they encounter daily in their service.

Volunteers have the opportunity to embrace service, a simple lifestyle in community, and personal and communal spiritual growth. Mercy Volunteers receive housing, medical insurance, transportation, food and personal stipends, professional development, retreat opportunities, and are eligible for student loan deferment.

This opportunity is open to ALL MAJORS. Service placements include positions in nursing, teaching, social work, health care administration, case management, and more.

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