Urban Farmer & Food Access Advocate with Marianist PULSE

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Start: Jul 27, 2022 / End: Jul 1, 2023 / Location: Dayton, OH

Marianist PULSE is a post-graduate, professional year of service program. We cover all costs – housing, food, transportation, healthcare and living stipend – while Volunteers serve in professional non-profits for 11 months. Spiritual formation, professional development and intentional community living root the experience. Learn more on our website (marianist.com/pulse) but in the meantime, consider this nonprofit role…

Mission of Mary Cooperative

Urban Farmer and Food Access Advocate

Mission: Our mission is to improve the community life of the Twin Towers neighborhood by engaging in urban agriculture, urban land restoration, and community education.


Organization Objectives: 

  •  To acquire, restore, and maintain vacant urban land so that it is functional and attractive to East Dayton’s Twin Towers neighborhood.
  •  To cultivate and distribute nutritious food to the people of the neighborhood who do not have economic or geographical access to this food and to educate them on the use of this food.
  •  To educate persons on simple and just Christian living, social justice, urban agriculture, native land restoration, and land stewardship.
  • To undertake the necessary administrative and fundraising activities to advance the Mission of Mary Cooperative.


Position: PULSE Volunteer

    1. Responsibilities:
  • Farm Educational Programs
      1. Assist in managing and fulfilling project outcomes for the Backyard Garden and Community Garden programs at MMC.
      2. Assist in expanding educational reach of MMC through coordinating farm tours and educational programming.
      3. Undertake necessary tasks to carry out future year-round farm educational programs developed at MMC.

  • Food Production and Distribution
    1. Learn and perform all techniques of sustainable agriculture used at MMC
    2. Assist Farm Manager and seasonal staff in all aspects of food production and garden maintenance.
    3. Take a leadership role in the coordination of food distribution programs; the CSA program, Farm Market, and Community Meals.


  1. Volunteer Group Leadership
    1. Plan group visits and work tasks to be completed along with the farm manager.
    2. Ensure volunteers understand MMC policies and waiver forms are distributed and collected.
    3. Create a positive experience for volunteers that visit MMC including educational tours, constructive task accomplishment, and age appropriate dialogue during work.
    4. Lead or coordinate reflections and shared meals for volunteer groups if requested.
    5. Develop new off-site volunteer opportunities and seek out project teams and individuals to fulfill MMC’s needs.

Planning and Development

    1. Participate alongside Farm Manager in planning crop rotations and food distribution plans throughout the growing season.
    2. Plan events or experiences to build connections among the lay Marianist family in Dayton and the families/individuals served by the work of MMC.
    3. Participate in relevant fundraising and grant writing efforts on behalf of MMC.



    1. Communications
    1. Update and maintain social media and website with relevant program information.
    2. Respond to responsibility related e-mail and phone correspondence in conjunction with Farm Manager.

Website: www.missionofmary.org , Facebook.com/MissionofMaryCooperative

Email us for more info – pulse@marianist.us