COME to Discover Your Light and Ignite it in Others

Are you looking for something exciting and meaningful? For a way to give back? An opportunity to be adventurous and challenged? We are still seeking volunteers for the 2017-2018 team for the Catholic Charities Service Corps in Buffalo, New York. The program, open to people of all faiths, is a year-long program which supports and challenges its members to develop and share their gifts, education and faith in a unique manner. Members commit to direct service at full-time placements, social justice, community living, simplicity and spiritual growth. Some of the positions include immigration specialist, paralegal, teacher, case manager, and outreach coordinator. Applicants must be at least 21 years of age with some college experience. Members receive community housing, health insurance, and a monthly stipend. To apply or for more information, please visit our website at or you can contact Lauren Maguire at [email protected] or call 716-218-1400 ext. 2006.