Family Based Care Foster Parent

Our neighborhood brings together interns and Family Based Care foster parents to live and work with some of our society’s most vulnerable children. Care is provided in the Residential Program’s agency foster homes. Responsibilities include daily care of the children, household management, and the coordination of medical appointments and therapy sessions. Family Based Care foster parents also work with caseworkers, psychological staff and community volunteers on a routine basis to ensure that the children in placement receive the highest quality of care. Ensuring the safety of the children in placement and meeting their emotional and developmental needs are the primary responsibilities of Family Based Care foster parents. There is only one reason a child ever comes to Casa de Esperanza – because they are not safe. Almost all children arrive having experienced trauma, neglect or chaos in their short lives. Their need for safety, stability and reassurance is immediate and often intense. The children require a great deal of time, energy and emotional resources from their foster parents. Compensation and Benefits • Housing • Monthly stipend commensurate with past personal and professional experience • Health Insurance • Life Insurance • Two weeks paid vacation per year