How Can 300 Days Change Your Life - Become an AMA!!

Who Are The AMA's? AMA's are young people from all over the country who find the beliefs of Saint Marie Eugenie, foundress of the Religious of the Assumption appealing. She believed that "this Earth is a place of glory for God" and that each of us has a responsibility to reflect that glory. AMA's come from Florida and Rhode Island; from San Diego and Philadelphia; from St. Louis and Sweet Home, Oregon. They are graduates of Gonzaga University and Stanford; Assumption College and Tulane University. What unites them is a common zeal for service, for building the Kingdom of God here on Earth. They choose to make a commitment to spend a year or two in service to others, living in communities marked by sharing, direct service to the neediest in society, and prayer. And growing a bit themselves along the way. AMA offers both domestic sites and abroad to England and the Philippines. AMA is now accepting applications for 2018-2019. Visit our webpage to see if AMA may be a good fit for you!