Radically serve the inner-city poor as a missionary!

Do you feel a desire to serve the poor? Are you looking for a place where you can delve into your faith and grow in your relationship with Jesus? Does the idea of practicing personal poverty and living in simplicity appeal to you? At A Simple House, our missionaries befriend the poor and come to know them on a personal level. We strive to meet the spiritual and material needs of the lonely and outcast of the inner city in whom we can recognize the face of Jesus. Our missionaries are given the special opportunity to radically dedicate themselves to spiritual growth while living in community with others trying to do the same. A Simple House is a place to respond to the biblical call to give to the poor and follow Jesus. Our mission houses are in Washington, DC and Kansas, City Missouri. Our full-time missionaries live in community together, pray morning and evening prayer, and are encouraged to spend time in personal prayer. Missionaries live a simple lifestyle in the neighborhoods they are serving without internet, television, or air-conditioning. The missionary year begins on August 1st, and the initial commitment ends the following May. Visit our website: asimplehouse.org for more information about applying!