Volunteer in Kansas City or Chicago

Serving as a Precious Blood Volunteer will give you the opportunity to walk with people who have been cast aside because of their race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, illness, immigration status or income level. You will serve others at placements in restorative justice, legal aid, health care, education, or social services in Kansas City and Chicago. You will walk with Jesus by sharing in the joys and sufferings of the people you are working with. You will pray, work, and learn with lay people and religious in community while living a simple lifestyle that reflects hospitality, reconciliation, and common prayer. Your experiences as a Precious Blood Volunteer will challenge and deepen your relationship with Jesus. You will have daily opportunities to pray and talk about your faith journey with others. You receive a monthly stipend, room, board, transportation costs, and an education award at the end of your service. Learn more about how you can serve as a Precious Blood Volunteer go to preciousbloodvolunteers.org or contact us at [email protected].