Amigos de Jesus

Goal of Program

Amigos de Jesús is not a volunteer program; it's a children's home with volunteers. As part of the Amigos de Jesús family, volunteers serve wherever the greatest needs are in our home. They live in intentional community to help meet the children’s needs by filling roles otherwise difficult to fill in rural Honduras. Volunteers supplement the work, but do not take jobs from the local community. Volunteers fall in love with our amazing children, create life-long relationships, develop spiritually, come to know themselves and God more deeply, and have a lasting impact on our family. Our mission is to be Friends of Jesus and, therefore, to imitate the behavior and attitude of Jesus Christ for the children. We aspire toward self-sustainability. We believe we are disciples of the children and are transformed by the presence of Jesus in the children. We strive to find hope, raising compassionate individuals prepared to break free from the cycle of poverty and violence while contributing positively to society.

Type of Placement

LONG TERM PROGRAM: Variety of placements based on a mutual discernment process at start of term of service. Common placements include Education (English, Preschool, Physical Education, Special Education and tutoring); Communications and Public Relations; Health; Pastoral Ministry and Social Services. Other opportunities may be available. All placements involve direct work with the children. SUMMER PROGRAM: Counselors for English language summer camp SHORT TERM PROGRAM: Service in current needs of home. TEACHERS: Amigos is hiring teachers for our bilingual school K-9. No experience necessary. Teachers receive a Honduran salary and must have one year of volunteer or work experience post college.

Service Area

At our home in rural Honduras, Central America.

Service Length

LT: 13 months. July to the following August. Renewal optional. Those not fluent in Spanish attend language school prior to service. SUMMER: June-August. ST: 1-3 weeks. TEACHERS: July- June

Program Size

LONG TERM (LT): 4 to 10 volunteers. SUMMER: 8 to 16 volunteers. SHORT TERM(ST): 4 to 10 volunteers. TEACHERS: 2 to 10


LT/TEACHERS: College degree. Strong work ethic, independent, love for children, humble & able to laugh and forgive! SUMMER/ST: 1 year of post-high school work or study experience. Love for children

Financial Arrangements

LT: room and board, stipend, health insurance, orientation, retreats, mentors, re-entry retreat. SUMMER/ST: room and board, orientation, support and are responsible for airfare and a program fee.

Living Arrangements

LT: Community living on-site in simple 4 bedroom, 2 bath house with cold water. SUMMER/ST/TEACHERS: 4 bedroom/2 bath home on-site with cold water.


LT/TEACHERS: Receive local orientation, education, child development & trauma training. SUMMER/ST: Receive orientation & supervision. All volunteers may choose to attend Spanish school at own expense

Application Deadline

LT/TEACHERS: Priority - February 1, Secondary - March 15; then rolling until June 1. SUMMER: Prior

Start Date

LT/TEACHERS: July. SUMMER: End of June


Erin Broussard


PO Box 476
Malvern, PA 19355
Phone: +504 9418-6491


[email protected]


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Catholic lay program.

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