Assumption Mission Associates

Goal of Program

Assumption Mission Associates (AMA) is a ministry of young adults in collaboration with the Religious of the Assumption Sisters in their mission to effect change in society through prayer, education, and community building. With the Assumption spirit, the AMA volunteers bear witness to Jesus’ love and the Church’s love for people. The relationships that they cultivate transform them as well as the people they serve. They exercise their commitment to service in solidarity and communion, in faith and in trust.

Type of Placement

Whether you want to serve as an ESL teacher in a middle school, or youth ministry in Chaparral, NM, or an after school program for inner-city children at a large parish in Worcester, MA, or in one of the many community development projects in the Philippines, whether you are a recent college graduate or a young professional dissatisfied with the workplace and looking for more meaning in your life, your primary role as an AMA will be to empower the poor, the young and the marginalized. Accompanying the under-served, AMA's discover who they really are and how their faith is deeply a part of them.

Service Area

Worcester, MA, Chaparral, NM, Newcastle, England, Philippines

Service Length

1-2 years

Program Size

10 under


phone screen, completion of all application materials, and Skype interview

Financial Arrangements

$400.00 month stipend, $2000.00 end of service award, health insurance if needed

Living Arrangements

room, utilities, web


3- day summer orientation

Application Deadline

Rolling admission until June 16th

Start Date

late August/September for UK


Sandra Piwko


16 Vineyard Street
Worcester, MA 01609
Phone: 508 767-1356


[email protected]


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Additional Contacts

Sandy Piwko
16 Vineyard St.
Worcester, MA 01603
Phone: 508 767-1356
[email protected]

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