Brethren Volunteer Service

General Info
Church of the Brethren General Offices
1451 Dundee Avenue
Elgin, IN 60120
Phone: 847-429-4396
Fax: 847-429-4383
Program Contacts
1451 Dundee Avenue
Elgin, IN 60120
Phone: 800-323-8039
Fax: 847-429-4393
Dan McFadden
Director, Brethren Volunteer Service
Church of the Brethren
Goal of Program: 
Sharing God's love through acts of service; caring for creation; working for peace; advocating justice; serving human need.
Type of Placement: 
All projects fall under one of the following categories: children, youth/young adults, senior citizens, general community services, farm workers, disabled persons, agriculture, hunger/homelessness, prisoners and the prison system, refugees, peace/justice, domestic violence, housing, healthcare, outdoor ministries, community organizing/development/advocacy, education/training, environment, congregations or miscellaneous.
Service Area: 
Approximately 20 states in the US and 20 different countries.
Service Length: 
One year for US placements, two years for international projects.
To serve in U.S.: Volunteer must be 18 or older with high school diploma. To serve overseas: Volunteer must be at least 21 years old with college degree or similar life experience.
Financial Arrangement: 
Room, board, monthly stipend and health insurance provided. Transportation to project after orientation and home from project after one's term is completed.
Living Arrangements: 
Depends on project - community or group, individual, on-site, with family.
Program Size: 
Approximately 50 current volunteers at any time. The number of volunteers at each location depends on the project.
Three-week orientation held every summer, fall and winter. On-site training at each project.
Application Deadline: 
Six weeks before each orientation.
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