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General Info
Catholic Charities Project SERVE Office
320 Cathedral Street
Baltimore, MD 21201
Phone: 667.600.2020
Fax: 410.752.2873
Program Contacts
Mid-Atlantic Region
320 Cathedral St Downtown/Mt. Vernon Neighborhood
Baltimore, MD 21201
Phone: 667.600.2020
Fax: 410.752.2873
Sarah McIlvried
Social Ministry Coordinator
Catholic Charities of Baltimore, one of the nation's largest Catholic Charities programs, is proud to provide the opportunity for young adults to serve our neighbors in need through Project SERVE.
Goal of Program: 
Are you ready to expand your world through living in an intentional community, working for social justice, exploring simplicity and sustainability all within the context of deepening and exploring your values, faith and/or spirituality? Project SERVE, a program of Catholic Charities of Baltimore, provides this opportunity! Project SERVE invites young adults into a year-long experience of service, while living in an intentional community with fellow volunteers and deepening an understanding of poverty and other social justice issues. Project SERVE is rooted and grounded in the Christian tradition, but open to people of all backgrounds, and based on the principles of simple and sustainable living, cooperation, mutual respect, and support.
Type of Placement: 
We provide an array of hands-on social justice opportunities which include serving people who are poor and/or experiencing homelessness, children who are in need, and people who are recent immigrants. For specific examples of past program sites, see our website.
Service Area: 
All service sites are in the Baltimore area, a fun and engaging place to spend a year of service. Baltimore has a big city feel, with many small town perks! There are several full-time volunteer programs that call Baltimore home, so there is a built-in support system of people with like-minds and incomes.
Service Length: 
11 months, end of August through end of July of the following year.
Candidates are required to: make a one-year commitment as a volunteer; not be married; be willing to live simply and sustainably and participate in intentional community living; have a commitment to working for social justice; have a mature and sensitive openness to different religious, political and cultural backgrounds; have a sense of humor, adventure and flexibility; participate in three retreats during the year; be 21 through 30ish years of age; be college graduates; be free from addictions to alcohol or illegal substances; submit to background checks as required.
Financial Arrangement: 
Room and board; health insurance (vision included) with optional dental coverage; monthly stipend for living, transportation and food expenses. Volunteers live within the amount of the monthly stipend during the year, providing opportunities for adventures with one another and other local volunteers.
Living Arrangements: 
The wonderful and homey Project SERVE house, located in Baltimore's Mt. Vernon neighborhood (just north of downtown), is a four story row-house that has 7 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms and has a community living room and kitchen. The house offers the opportunity for each volunteer to have his/her privacy, while also offering a great living space for building intentional community.
Program Size: 
We host four to seven volunteers each year.
Project SERVE's week-long orientation is held during the end of August and introduces volunteers to one another, Baltimore itself and Catholic Charities as a whole. Training for specific volunteer duties and responsibilities occurs at the service site during the first few weeks of service. There are opportunities to attend workshops and trainings specific to population/program served.
Application Deadline: 
Project SERVE will begin to accept applications February 1. Priority deadline is March 30. After that, applications will be accepted on a rolling basis through July until position are filled.
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