Colorado Vincentian Volunteers

General Info
Colorado Vincentian Volunteers
1732 Pearl Street
Denver, CO 80203
Phone: 303-863-8141
Fax: call first
Program Contacts
1732 Pearl St.
Denver, CO 80203
Phone: 303-863-8141
Fax: N/A
Mary Frances & Bill Jaster
The Vincentian family of laity, religious and clergy; Members of MISEVI-USA (MIssion and SErvice the VIncentian Way)
Goal of Program: 
Compelled by a faith-filled call to service and justice, CVV volunteers participate in a process of companionship with those who are poor and marginalized. We believe in the mutuality of this companionship, and trust that those who are served are teaching each of us something that becomes transformative. As a unique experience in the Catholic and Vincentian tradition, you (the volunteer) fulfill this goal by working in areas of direct service and advocacy, living a life of simplicity in a community supported by prayer, and participating in a reflection process that addresses the relationship between charity and justice. It is through these components that you not only serve those who are struggling with poverty, marginalization and isolation, but you also discover the many ways they reveal the message of the Gospel. Through this year you are challenged to be a risk taker, to be a catalyst for change, to take a leap of faith, and together you become Companions on the Journey.
Type of Placement: 
Social/community services, health care, emergency assistance, education, child care, job training, youth services, teen pregnancy, runaways, women's services, recreation, homeless services (men, women, teens and seniors), housing/construction services, immigration and refugees, literacy, senior services, urban gardening/sustainability, developmental disabilities and community organizing. We will work with you to identify your skills and/or interests in relationship to placement.
Service Area: 
Neighborhoods in and around downtown Denver and Aurora.
Service Length: 
One year, beginning in early August.
Men and women ages 21 to 30 with four years out of high school, college degree or equivalent work experience. Application/references/interview. Si habla espanol, nos llama. Estamos interesados en ustedes. Aplica, por favor.
Financial Arrangement: 
Room and board, medical insurance, monthly stipend. Student loan deferments, and forbearance (when available). Education Award for school loans when year is completed.
Living Arrangements: 
You live in community with 8 to 10 volunteers at one of two CVV community houses in Capitol Hill near downtown Denver.
Program Size: 
Twenty volunteers in two community houses.
You participate in a week-long orientation and receive on-site training and ongoing supervision. A weekly discussion/reflection time provides for ongoing development. This time focuses on themes of the "preferential option for the poor," issues of social justice, and your daily experience of work and community life. Spiritual direction is available. You participate in three retreats throughout the year, a border pilgrimage, as well as local workshops when they are available. You will also learn much from those with whom you work.
Application Deadline: 
Applications are accepted until all placements are filled or July 15, whichever comes first. The priority deadline is April 1 and we process and interview applicants in the order they are received. Program begins in early August. For questions or special circumstances contact us. For more information visit
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