Discipleship Year Program

General Info
The Festival Center, Inc.
1640 Columbia Road NW
Washington, DC 20009
Phone: 202-328-1102
Fax: 202-328-7483
Program Contacts
Washington DC
1640 Columbia Road NW
Washington 20009
Phone: 202-328-1102
Fax: 202-328-7483
Dawn Longenecker
Program Director
Discipleship Year is a one year internship opportunity in Washington, D.C. supported by The Festival Center. Check us out at www.festivalcenter.org/dy. Soteria Community School is a sister program to Discipleship Year, also based at the Festival Center. Interns (volunteers) take classes at the School, which is focused on the intersection of Faith and Justice. Participants serve 35 hours/week in non-profits dedicated to reducing poverty and injustice. All members live in Intentional Community, sharing their food $ in common. We are situated within a Christian context, while welcoming all - no matter what religious or non religious affiliation. We welcome all races, classes of people and ranges of sexual orientations. The program provides weekly seminars with a focus on building community, deepening self awareness/spiritual practices, along with exploring the root causes of poverty and oppression.
Goal of Program: 
To provide then opportunity for members to work alongside people in need, to learn about the root causes of poverty and oppression while striving to find solutions to these injustices. We are committed to social change within a community and faith based framework.
Type of Placement: 
Discipleship Year provides placements in the field of Health Care, Affordable Housing, Immigrant Services, Early Childhood Development, Support for those with Intellectual Challenges and in General Social Services. These currently include Academy of Hope, Briya Public Charter School, Community of Hope, L'Arche, N Street Village, Potter's House Cafe and Bookstore and Joseph's House with more being added soon for our 2018-19 year.
Service Area: 
Washington, D.C.
Service Length: 
11 1/2 months. Begin August 27, 2018 and end July 31, 2019.
Commit to one year of service in Washington, D.C., to serve in a non-profit designed to your interests, live with others in community and take classes at the Soteria Community School. Must be 21 years of age or older (college education preferred but not required). We accept married or committed couples without children - U.S. or Canadian citizenship. International volunteers may apply but must arrange for their own Visa.
Financial Arrangement: 
Volunteers receive room and board, and a personal stipend of $275/month is provided. Health Insurance provided. We'll help you defer your loans. The program also pays for each participant to take three classes per year at the Soteria Community School (www.festivalcenter.org) and sponsors three retreats for the volunteers annually.
Living Arrangements: 
Group house with five bedrooms, large common rooms, and several bathrooms. Address of home is in the Adams Morgan neighborhood of DC. One bedroom will be shared by two people. The rest have their own rooms. Parking in the back for two cars.
Program Size: 
Six persons; 21 years of age or older.
Volunteers receive orientation the last week of August, along with further orientation/training at their placement sites. Two Semesters of classes at Soteria Community School are provided and three community retreats during the year. In addition, a seminar is held once/week on Tues afternoons. This seminar focuses on strengthening intentional community, deepening our self awareness and spiritual practices, along with exploring issues related to justice and peace.
Application Deadline: 
Applications accepted throughout winter, spring and summer. Official deadlines are March 1, April 1, May 1 and June 1. We process applicants in Rounds, so those who apply by the 1st deadline get 1st pick of placements they prefer. Contact office to receive application: Dawn Longenecker, Program Director dlongenecker@festivalcenter.org or 202-328-1102 or go on-line to: www.festivalcenter.org/programs/discipleshipyear

Current Urgent Opportunities

Volunteer with Intellectually Challenged Adults

L'Arche, a well known residential program that serves Intellectually challenged adults, needs a Home Life Assistant for this coming year. This is a volunteer position available through The Discipleship Year Program in Wash., DC. All members of Discipleship Year live in community together, receiving free room/board/health insurance coverage and serve 35/hours/week in their placement agency. They also receive a monthly stipend and any service related transportation costs are covered. L'arch is a wonderful place to serve! Interns/volunteers/staff who work in this non-profit benefit from the communal nature of the place. They also foster deep spirituality and companionship. Their residents who need the services are delightful to relate to and are very grateful for the support they receive. Come learn about the ways in which we can all benefit from building a stronger sense of community with our brothers and sisters dealing with disabilities. Applications due June 1! Contact: Dawn Longenecker, Director. dlongenecker@festivalcenter.org (202-328-1102) www.festivalcenter.org/discipleshipyear

Volunteer Coordinator for Latino Clinic

La Clinica Del Pueblo is seeking a Volunteer Coordinator to serve for a year through The Discipleship Year Program in DC. This position involves recruitment, volunteer support, research and evaluations. If you are interested in living in community with others, serving at La Clinica 35/hours/week, engaging with issues of justice, spirituality, and community - - you'll fit in well here. Free Room/Board/Health Insurance coverage/monthly stipend. To apply, contact program director: Dawn Longenecker. at 202-328-1102 or write: dlongenecker@festivalcenter.org 2nd option: download app from website: www.festivalcenter.org/discipleshipyear

Immigrant Educator Internship

Discipleship Year Program places people in year-long internships in Wash.DC. Members live in community, receive free room/board/health insurance and a monthly stipend. Internships are in non-profits, dedicated to those on the margins. Interns serve 35/hours/week from the end of Aug through July 2019 and participate in additional Discipleship Year Program activities. Our Immigrant Educator position is with the Briya Public Charter School, and serves as an assistant typing teacher with Immigrant Adults whose 1st language is generally Spanish. The intern who serves does not have to be bilingual, although this would be an added plus. Come serve for a year with Discipleship Year! We attract Christians, non-Christians, men, women, LGBTQ members, persons of all different religions, races and of various class backgrounds. Applications are available now at www.festivalcenter.org/discipleshipyear. Or you can contact the program Director, Dawn Longenecker @ dlongenecker@festivalcenter.org to receive one. 202-328-1102.
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