Olancho Aid Foundation

Goal of Program

Olancho Aid is creating an economically sustainable community in Olancho Honduras that provides families an opportunity to stay well, stay together, and an option to stay at home. It focuses on issues such as education, climate instability, and access to clean water. Two distinct volunteer programs help accomplish these goals: the traditional volunteer program and the strategic advisor program. The traditional program is comprised of a cohort of up to ten international volunteers each semester. The focus of this program is on community, spirituality, social justice, and simple living. It is a cultural exchange program that allows students to practice English with native-English speakers and offers volunteers opportunities for personal, professional, and spiritual growth. The strategic advisor program is geared toward experienced professionals and experts in their field who work to fill a specific, immediate need in the Foundation. Specialists serve as leaders and mentors.

Type of Placement

Traditional volunteers serve in one of the Foundation's four schools. Most are placed at either the bilingual (English/Spanish) high school or elementary school. Candidates with proficiency in Spanish may be considered for placement at either the school for children with special needs or the Spanish-language-based high school. Specific assignments will be discussed through the interview process and during orientation once on the ground in Honduras. Some potential roles include ESL tutor, teaching assistant, reading specialist, math specialist, and PE teacher. The Foundation is also seeking strategic advisors with extensive experience in their field (5+ years) who will complete specific projects in areas such as Human Resources, Accounting and Finance, Early Childhood Education, etc.

Service Area

The Foundation serves the city of Juticalpa (pop. 129,000) and the surrounding impoverished rural communities that suffer from high unemployment, lack access to clean water, and basic education.

Service Length

Traditional volunteers commit to serve approximately four months that align roughly with school semesters. Strategic advisors serve a minimum of four weeks and may complete tasks locally and remotely.

Program Size

4 - 10 volunteers


Bachelor's degree, willingness to participate in a Catholic community, basic Spanish language proficiency. Specialist volunteers must also have 5+ years experience related to their role.

Financial Arrangements

Monthly stipend (for volunteers who serve at least four months), travel medical insurance, housing, local SIM card, local transportation, and wireless internet.

Living Arrangements

Volunteers live in community near central square in Juticalpa, easy access to pharmacy, grocery store, fruit market. Housing is furnished with kitchen, indoor plumbing, electricity, and running water.


Volunteers are required to attend in-country orientation before beginning service that covers Foundation and Diocese policies, cultural differences, safety precautions, and school procedures.

Application Deadline

Volunteer and Mission Team applications are accepted throughout the year. We strongly encourage those seeking January and August terms of service to apply at least 3 months prior to the start dates.

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