LifeWay Network, Safe Housing Program

Goal of Program

LifeWay Network envisions a world in which human trafficking is abolished and every survivor is strong, connected and free. Since its founding in 2007, LifeWay Network has emphasized the power of collaboration in creating the slavery-free future we all envision. We believe in bringing people together to form community and address a global issue with significant local impact. Human trafficking occurs around us. It affects people in our neighborhoods. We must join together to end slavery today and empower survivors to reclaim a life of freedom. The goal is to have the host community and safe house volunteers provide a supportive, community-living model for and with the women survivors.

Type of Placement

Safe house volunteers are a vital part of our mission to end slavery and provide critical support to LifeWay Network’s safe houses. We firmly believe that all volunteers are an asset to our work and our community, regardless of age, education, or background. Safe house volunteers provide a safe, welcoming home for the women survivors living in our safe houses through tutoring, skill development, mentoring, and shift coverage.

Service Area

New York City, New York, USA

Service Length

1 year preferred

Program Size

60 total, 30 per location


Commitment to volunteering, at least 1 year •Thorough understanding of confidentiality and privacy procedures

Financial Arrangements

serving women survivors of human trafficking, being part of the community

Living Arrangements

Host Community volunteer lives in community with women religious


training on human trafficking, complex trauma, safe house training

Application Deadline


Start Date


Courtney Biederbeck


PO Box 8654
Tarrytown, NY 10591
Phone: 718 779-8075



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