Redeemer Ministry Corps

General Info
1600 Huntingdon Pike
Meadowbrook, PA 19046
Phone: 215-914-4116
Fax: 215-914-4111
Program Contacts
1600 Huntingdon Pike
Meadowbrook, PA 19046
Phone: 215-914-4116
Fax: 215-914-4111
Lisa Mehalick
Roman Catholic
Goal of Program: 
Redeemer Ministry Corps is a long-term volunteer program that seeks to provide a caring, comforting and healing presence to vulnerable populations through service in healthcare, social work and environmental care. Volunteers live together in community and serve full-time in ministries of the Sisters of the Redeemer.
Type of Placement: 
Nurse/Nurse's Aide, Patient Care Assistant, Hospice and Bereavement Ministry, Home Health Care, Community Health Liaison, Pastoral Care, Oncology Support and Outreach, Elder Care, Housing Issues/Poverty Relief, Social Work/Case Manager, Teacher/Teaching Assistant, Environmental Advocate/Garden Coordinator, Outreach to Adults with Developmental Disabilities
Service Area: 
Urban and suburban Philadelphia
Service Length: 
RMC service year program is 11 months, renewable, beginning in late-August. The Summer Garden Internship is a three-week long service experience.
Redeemer Ministry Corps volunteers are women and men who desire to make a difference in the lives of others, live in a communal setting and have the opportunity to foster their faith life, develop friendships and live a simple lifestyle. College education preferred or equivalent experience. Some positions require CPR certification. Summer Garden Intern applicants are 18 years or older. Love of nature and some garden experience are a plus.
Financial Arrangement: 
Room and board, medical insurance, monthly stipend, community vehicles provided, assistance with travel home at end of service year. Assistance with loan forbearance/deferment.
Living Arrangements: 
Volunteers live in community with other volunteers. They join the Sisters of the Redeemer for community meals and prayer twice a week.
Program Size: 
RMC hosts up to 5 volunteers each year and accepts up to 5 Summer Garden Interns each summer.
One-week orientation program, workshops and reflection days, professional development, supervision, retreats. Three day debriefing program.
Application Deadline: 
Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis until June 5th. If positions are still available after this date, late applications may still be accepted.
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