Covenant House Faith Community

Goal of Program

Our service year program, Covenant House Faith Community, is looking for fun, friendly, compassionate college graduates to serve the homeless and at-risk youth of Covenant House, through direct care and administrative support roles. In addition to serving our youth and building professional skills, you will live with other recent college graduates focused on Catholic/Christian spirituality and simple community living. Faith Community members dedicate their year to our program's three pillars of service, community, and prayer. Your service takes place at our New York Shelter, where you work 40 hours a week helping at-risk youth get back on a healthy life path. You are supported in this ministry by the community you live with: 3- 5 other volunteers in a home provided by the program, where prayer and spirituality are a big part of our daily lives.

Type of Placement

Faith Community Members serve at Covenant House New York's crisis shelter in either direct care or administrative support roles. The needs of the agency and the gifts and talents of each community member determine the service placement. Recent placements include Residential Advisor, Youth Development Specialist, and Legal Assistant.

Service Area

New York, NY

Service Length

1 year, with an option to serve a 2nd year

Program Size



Joyful, Emotionally Stable, & Mature recent college graduates.

Financial Arrangements

We provide room and board, medical insurance, $125/mo living stipend, vacation time and $500 vacation stipend, a $1200 End-of-Year Service Award, 2 community retreats, deferral of most student loans.

Living Arrangements

Faith Community members live together in housing that is provided by Covenant House.


One week of Formation at beginning of commitment. On-going support from Faith Community administration. On-the-job training and ongoing workshops/training via service site.

Application Deadline

Early Bird Deadline - February 1st, Mid-Deadline - April 15th, Final Deadline - June 15th. We recommend candidates submit their applications as soon as possible for priority consideration.

Start Date


Joan Conroy


550 10th Avenue
New York, NY 10018
Phone: 212 330-0510


[email protected]


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