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A Renewed Sense of Community – Part 1

I had a feeling that being a part of community would be second nature to me. I felt a strong sense of community from my dance group growing up. The influence of my instructors and peers shaped the person I am today. The word was central to student life when I attended Villanova University. After… Read more »

Birds, Bees, and Naming Your Spiritual Entities

In early June, I had the opportunity to return to the Sisters of Loretto’s Motherhouse in Nerinx, Kentucky. The purpose of the trip was to bring three small groups of high school students from each of the Loretto schools to the Motherhouse to engage with service and Loretto values, while making tangible connections between their… Read more »

Putting Ourselves on Discount

I was recently sitting in a staff meeting for the Siena Youth Center, the youth center where I serve for part of my ministry with Dominican Volunteers USA. The topics ranged from the recent run-ins with budding adolescence, summer camp logistics, our upcoming obstacle race, to putting ourselves on discount. In this short year, Rafael… Read more »

Lessons in Love

I’m coming up on two months left of my service program. And it truly feels like time is flying by so quickly. These two months will feel like two seconds. In one of my community’s recent weekly prayer meetings, we reflected on our experience as an educational endeavor. We looked at it as if it… Read more »

Learning from Local LGBTQ+ Communities

Earlier this month, I sat in a room with about 20 school faculty and staff before two workshop facilitators. The participants ranged from elementary and high school administrators and teachers, representing a variety of areas, from elementary principal to 7th grade geography to 11th grade social studies. Our reason for gathering? To learn about best… Read more »

The Dominican Verbs

Walk into any Dominican space and there is a good chance that you will see some variation of the words, “Prayer,” “Study,” “Preaching,” and “Community.” These four words on their own are seemingly insignificant, but together they are the root, or pillars as the Dominican Family calls them, of the Dominican Charism that has been… Read more »

Practicing Joyful Detachment

Lent can be a challenging time. We are asked to fast, pray, and give alms, and sometimes it feels like a lot to juggle. We all have our slip-ups. Maybe you accidentally ate meat on a Friday. Or you snacked on cookies and a few minutes after scarfing them down, you realized you vowed to… Read more »

Saying “Yes” to Presence

In February, the St. Joseph Workers and I headed South to visit Sister Alicia and the people of Maklovio Rojas, Tijuana. Sister Alicia—a Sister of St. Joseph—picked us up in a tough and sturdy white van. The long journey to Tijuana was eye-opening for me to see what it is like to cross the U.S.-Mexico… Read more »

Linked and Learning: Amelie Rode – Loretto Volunteer Program

On November 15, 2018, I stood in a throng of people outside of the deadliest detention center in the United States. The bright headlights of police cars illuminated us and made the sea of darkness between our feet on the sidewalk and the guarded detention center seem to stretch even further. I trembled, partly from the… Read more »

Fantasy, Legend, or Reality?

by Tim Shelgren – Franciscan Mission Service Who was she? She wore a white habit, she was mischievous, funny, pretty and she could fly. That’s right, Sally Fields in the television show “The Flying Nun.” Until a year ago, Sally Fields’ portrayal of this character was pretty much the only picture that came to my… Read more »