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A Tribute to Dangerous Women

Update from Gabby – March 19, 2020 Since writing this blog, the novel coronavirus has reached a pandemic scale, disrupting lives and crippling the economy. The Loretto Volunteers in St. Louis remain healthy and are practicing social isolation. This unprecedented time reminds us that the health of the most vulnerable among us determines the health… Read more »

Turning “Humdrum” into “Harmony”

The buzz of my alarm, the rushing of traffic, the screeching tires in the parking garage, and the “good morning” conversations in elevators…This is how my day starts and probably how many people start their days; this routine of going through the motions of a preprogrammed, premeditated day.  In my mind, I already know which… Read more »

What Does Welcome Really Mean?

On August 9th, I climbed into a shiny, blue minivan with Sister Mary Swain. She must have seen the fear in my eyes, because she immediately met me with an embrace. She was taking me to the Loretto Motherhouse where I would embark on a year-long journey with the Loretto Volunteer Program. I was terrified…. Read more »

The Service Summit

Wind rushing through my hair, crunching snow below, and the surrounding sights of sharp cliffs; at last, I have made it to the summit!  Nothing can describe the thrill of seeing the view at the top of a mountain I struggled to climb.  The beauty takes my breath away as I recall the memories along… Read more »

A Poem to Close

One of my last days living in El Paso, my house mates and I sat in Sister Mary Margaret’s home with about 5 or 6 Sisters/co-members.  We circled around Sister Elisa’s chile con queso and piled this delicious gold of hers onto our plated chips. Periodically, her dog trotted about the circle of humans in… Read more »

A Renewed Sense of Community – Part 2

After joining a community, building and strengthening that bond is so important to maintain unity. I was so fortunate to become close friends with my fellow AV volunteer Rugile. Our household became smaller in the summer when our third volunteer had to leave early, but the two of us kept on with regular meals and… Read more »

A Renewed Sense of Community – Part 1

I had a feeling that being a part of community would be second nature to me. I felt a strong sense of community from my dance group growing up. The influence of my instructors and peers shaped the person I am today. The word was central to student life when I attended Villanova University. After… Read more »

Birds, Bees, and Naming Your Spiritual Entities

In early June, I had the opportunity to return to the Sisters of Loretto’s Motherhouse in Nerinx, Kentucky.  The purpose of the trip was to bring three small groups of high school students from each of the Loretto schools to the Motherhouse to engage with service and Loretto values, while making tangible connections between their… Read more »

Putting Ourselves on Discount

I was recently sitting in a staff meeting for the Siena Youth Center, the youth center where I serve for part of my ministry with Dominican Volunteers USA. The topics ranged from the recent run-ins with budding adolescence, summer camp logistics, our upcoming obstacle race, to putting ourselves on discount. In this short year, Rafael… Read more »

Lessons in Love

I’m coming up on two months left of my service program. And it truly feels like time is flying by so quickly. These two months will feel like two seconds. In one of my community’s recent weekly prayer meetings, we reflected on our experience as an educational endeavor. We looked at it as if it… Read more »