Do you ask yourself, how can I help?

If so, you have begun to share in the experience of 25,000+ people who CHOOSE SERVICE every year with Catholic Volunteer Network programs. At the beginning of this journey, you may find the possibility of full-time service a bit daunting. You will likely face the need to choose between pursuing your career, continuing education, fulfilling ministry roles, or spending time with family and friends. We are here to help you with many aspects of this important decision-making process.

First, we can help you learn about the many benefits of full-time, faith-based service. Many of the programs in our network offer:

  • Personal and spiritual growth fostered through regular opportunities for community prayer, retreats, spiritual direction, and more.
  • Career development advantages such as highly desired job skills, access to many new professional connections, and future educational opportunities.
  • A supportive community of other volunteers, program staff, and local connections. Most programs provide the opportunity for volunteers to live in intentional community while serving.
  • Financial benefits such as a monthly stipend, room and board, transportation, health insurance, and student loan deferment.
  • And much more!

Review these benefits and determine which ones are most important to you. This will help guide your process of navigating through the various programs in the CVN network.

Search Faith-Based Service Programs

With over 180 different programs in the Catholic Volunteer Network community – you have a wide variety of service opportunities to choose from. Whether you are looking for a post-graduate service program, a summer volunteer experience, lay mission opportunity, a way for your family to serve together, or something to do in your retirement – we have what you’re looking for! Don’t be overwhelmed by all these options, we are here to help you find the right program for your needs.

Begin by asking yourself a few questions - What are you looking for in your service experience? Is location most important, or are you drawn to a particular type of ministry? Do you need special accommodations in order to serve? When do you want to start your service term?

Once you have a better sense of your priorities, it’s time to start searching. Our RESPONSE directory is the most comprehensive resource available for people interested in faith-based service. RESPONSE will help you navigate through your many different options. This resource is available in three formats:

  1. Online Database
  2. RESPONSE 2019 - Downloadable e-Book
  3. RESPONSE 2019 - Print Edition

Online Database

We can help you sort through programs based on the criteria that is most important to you. Click on "Search Programs" below to get started.

You may also decide that you want to serve wherever there is the greatest need. In that case we recommend that you check out our Urgent Opportunities.

Join the Catholic Volunteer Network Community

Want Programs to Find You?

One great way to learn more about faith-based service is to post your profile on our website. This feature enables you to share about your interests and experiences with our network. After registering, you will be tapped into our Network. CVN will be able to share about resources to aid your discernment process, events taking place in your community, and program staff will reach out to you directly if they have a placement that seems like a good fit.

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