Everyday Grace

One of our recruiters reflected on his trip to New York City.
By Mike Garcia
CVN Recruiter Mike here giving you a warm hello from the Big Apple. I am here in New York City taking in the lights, the life the everyday graces I have experienced recruiting on the road.
First of all I am thankful for one of my closest friends and fellow CVN Alumni Matthew Kenny who has graciously invited me into his Brooklyn bachelor pad while I stay in NYC. What a joy it has been reliving our hilarious antics from back in our volunteer days. I am truly thankful for this awesome bromance.
Second, I am thankful for the exceptionally welcoming stranger in the Times Square subway stop who kindly explained to me I was getting on the wrong train. Where in the world would I be if he hadn’t told me?  We talked for a good half hour before we realized the Q train wasn’t coming but who cares when you make a new friend. Thank you new friend.
Next I have to say thanks to a colleague and good friend of mine, Jenn Edwards Robinson, Coordinator for Campus Ministry and Social Action at Manhattan College. She is sort of a rock star at Manhattan and has done an amazing job of promoting service and volunteerism among students. Because of her, my visits to Manhattan have always left me with such a fire for service and ministry. I also cannot leave out the amazing students of Manhattan who never cease to amaze me with their eager and willing hearts. Thank you.
And lastly I want to thank my mentor, former Volunteer Coordinator and good friend, Luke Hanson S.J. for really showing me what this bustling city of life has to offer. From strolling around Rockefeller Center to eating the tastiest Indian food I have ever had on Broadway, he has made my trip all the better. What a great friend and mentor you have been over the past three years. Here’s to many more adventures. Thanks.
Hope you all are doing well and know that you are in my prayers. Thanks for being you.
Peace, love and dinosaurs,
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