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Meet our Serving with Sisters Contributors!

Did you know that over 35 Catholic Volunteer Network member programs are affiliated with communities of women religious?! In CVN’s Serving with Sisters blog series, two current volunteers bring these adventures to life – sharing their journeys serving, praying, and living alongside Catholic sisters. Meet this year’s Contributors, Gabby and Annie, below. And be sure… Read more »

Building Community in Cleveland

Article written by Johanna Cajina, Associate Director of FrancisCorps and National Conference Planning Committee Member. Catholic Volunteer Network is pleased to be hosting its 42nd Annual National Conference on Faith-Based Service in Cleveland, OH! The 2019 National Conference theme, “Many Rays, One Rising” seeks to guide attendees as they look inward to develop new ways… Read more »

Who Is My Neighbor?

Driving cross country from California to New Jersey gave me a lot of time to reflect on my past two years as a Dominican Volunteer. I have seen and learned more than I ever imagined possible. I know I am a different person than I was two years ago, even one year ago when I… Read more »

Letting God Love Through Me

As I work on this final blog, I am still in disbelief that I have completed my year of service in California! To say it has been a turbulent journey would be an understatement. I had assumed that I would be putting my life on pause while I served for a year, but the ups… Read more »

Lessons in Love

I’m coming up on two months left of my service program. And it truly feels like time is flying by so quickly. These two months will feel like two seconds. In one of my community’s recent weekly prayer meetings, we reflected on our experience as an educational endeavor. We looked at it as if it… Read more »

Using My Voice

In my last blog post, I spoke about an unforgettable journey I took with my program to Tijuana, Mexico. At the end of that trip, we had the opportunity to visit the border wall which separates Tijuana from San Diego. But months before this incredible experience in Mexico, I had been to the border once… Read more »

Learning from Local LGBTQ+ Communities

Earlier this month, I sat in a room with about 20 school faculty and staff before two workshop facilitators. The participants ranged from elementary and high school administrators and teachers, representing a variety of areas, from elementary principal to 7th grade geography to 11th grade social studies. Our reason for gathering? To learn about best… Read more »

Growing Into My Role: Luz Peredo-Muniz – St. Joseph Worker, Orange

If you had asked me what the meaning of my role within Mission Hospital was when I first started my year of service through the St. Joseph Worker Program of Orange, I would have been left without words. I learned my service site would be at Mission Hospital as a Community Health Advocate halfway through… Read more »

Serving with Sisters Blog Series: Meet our Contributors!

Did you know over 40 Catholic Volunteer Network member programs are affiliated with communities of women religious?! In CVN’s Serving with Sisters blog series, five current volunteers will share their journey serving, praying, and living alongside these dynamic change-makers. Meet this year’s contributors, and follow CVN’s blog on Thursdays to hear what #servingwithsisters is really all… Read more »