Our 2019 - 2021 strategic plan

During the next three years, CVN will strive to articulate why faith-based service is compelling to potential volunteers, the Church, and partners – and how to ensure continued growth and impact.  We will discern new approaches with a commitment to: 1) marketing; 2) transition; 3) diversity; and 4) fundraising.  This process will educate us about the combination of prophetic leadership, services and benefits, and pastoral supports our members need.

It will also inform a longer-term vision: Faith-based service is the catalytic start of a commitment to becoming spiritually-grounded leaders who use positions of influence to transform the world. 

CVN will empower this trajectory in the formative years after service.  We will partner with members and other sectors to offer structures and opportunities that foster skills-building, discernment about vocation and career, and understanding about strategies for promoting the common good.  Participants will be cultivated to envision – and live out – better ways to address pressing needs in communities, politics, business, ministry, and more.


CVN will share our story more widely and become more visible as an organization.

This will improve our recruitment and member supports; fundraising; recognition as a thought leader; promotion of service; and relationships with partners. 

Our goals are to assess and strengthen CVN’s branding, messaging and reach; communicate better with partners, potential volunteers, members and donors; and develop successful strategies for reaching Millennials, Gen Z, the disaffiliated and seekers.


CVN will provide pastoral leadership by creating spaces for reflection on pressing challenges. 

Our goal is to explore timely questions with members as we continue creating our story.  We will pursue big questions that will shape the future of faith-based service, including:

  • Are service models relevant and appealing?
  • What do changes in the Church and society mean for the future of faith-based service?
  • What must we better understand about diversity, justice, and equity?
  • What are new opportunities and partners?      


CVN will explore new partnerships, models, and supports that increase diversity and equity. 

Our goal is to create spaces with members for education, conversation, and action to reduce barriers to service.  We will discern key actions that should flow from our Diversity and Racial Justice Statement, which can help CVN and members pursue diversity in deeper ways, increase volunteer and staff diversity, engage cultural competency trainings/resources, and discern advocacy opportunities. 

This could include pilot projects and new program models that appeal to groups other than middle-class whites; link service and economic opportunity/skills building; and experiment with program components such as length of service, residential aspect and part-time site placements.  Also, we’ll expand partnerships/outreach at Hispanic Serving, Historically Black, and Community Colleges. 


CVN will share our vision, learn from relationships, and nurture interest and opportunities. 

We will help people and organizations understand our vision for impact and change – and offer ways to help make that a reality.  Moreover, we will leverage our national perspective, relationships, and capacity to nurture partnerships and secure additional large grants that empower CVN members.

Our goals are to pursue development efforts that:

  • Further our strategic vision
  • Allow supporters to engage with us in deeper ways
  • Inform our long-term fundraising potential and needs

If you would like a more detailed version of the plan, please email CVN's Executive Director, Yonce Shelton, at yshelton@catholicvolunteernetwork.org.