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You are noticed and respected for your commitment to faith-based service. Whether yours is a program with decades of experience,… Read more »

Creating the Future

I am thinking about a future that we co-create because we are fully aware of the present moment – and because we are responding in prophetic and pastoral ways.   I hope… Read more »

Un emocionante esfuerzo de comunicación

Each year during membership renewal, CVN staff and board consider the range of benefits we provide programs. We also reflect on what more we can offer based on ideas you share, the supports… Read more »

Easter is Transition

“Change is situational. Transition is psychological. Without a transition, change is just rearranging the furniture.” (William Bridges)   The CVN staff has changed a lot… Read more »

New Partners

Last week was CVN’s annual Membership Meeting.  During this time, CVN staff noted the desire in coming years to honor… Read more »

Fear Not. Be Smart.

“Work smarter, not harder” was advice offered by a CVN board member a few years ago. Just as I was… Read more »

LEGO Mystery

A few weeks ago, my 11-year-old son was focused on what kind of Advent calendar he wanted. I was slightly… Read more »

The Next Step

October is different for CVN. But I guess in this year every month is different for everyone. That said, this… Read more »