Recruiting Task Force

We, the CVN staff, feel like the disciples when they first started following Jesus and seeking to align with His vision.  

They were paying attention but needed to receive, learn, and orient in new ways. Surely they were wondering how they fit and what they had to offer. It was confusing, hard, and messy. They were not perfect and probably regarded their “training” as insufficient. And they wanted to know: what is the plan? 

As the disciples spent more time with Jesus, maybe they had “a-ha moments” that provided focus. Perhaps they slowly began to understand how their efforts could converge with Jesus’ vision. But they probably still craved more clarity.  

Does any of that resonate with you?! Are you in this boat with us?!  

CVN’s annual membership meeting in December 2021 sought to help members understand: 1) why we focused on justice and equity last year; 2) how we balance ideas, needs, and capacity; and 3) that we hear you and want to keep hearing you. That awareness is helping us plan for 2022.  

We know recruitment is critical for your programs. I felt that firsthand by attending the Pennsylvania service fair circuit last year and making some other college visits. We are grateful for your thoughts via surveys, regular member calls, and informal chats that help us explore how CVN can help. Although we cannot recruit in the same ways as in past years, we are excited about shaping a recruitment plan for 2022. We want you to be part of that.  

CVN would like to form a new Recruiting Task Force. This effort will be led by CVN staff and the CVN Board Membership Committee. Details of this task force are TBD. Some will become clearer based on the interest and ideas we receive from you. We may also invite key campus service champions to join. Taskforce members will shape the focus and goals, but we think some attention should be given to: 

  • Understanding how DEI work is relevant to recruiting. 
  • Building relationships with HBCUs/HSIs and being relevant to a more diverse volunteer pool. 
  • Discerning the focus of webinar series and resources that can enhance new approaches to recruiting. 

For now, we would like to assess interest. That will help us create a process to pay attention in new ways – like the disciples. That process can help us learn about new energies and leadership. It should inform planning that can orient us to VISION. 

If you are interested in learning about this task force, please email Yonce ( and Jocelyn ( about general interest, ideas, or thoughts. That email does not commit you to serve. 

As we undergo a staff transition and explore new opportunities for programming, we may have additional invitations. Those may facilitate “a-ha moments” for all of us pursuing a vision. They might orient us in new ways. Stay tuned…or give me a call…     

With prayers for your discipleship, 

Yonce Shelton | Executive Director | n301.270.0900 x18 


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