Category: Letters from the Executive Director

Easter is Transition

“Change is situational. Transition is psychological. Without a transition, change is just rearranging the furniture.” (William Bridges)   The CVN staff has changed a lot… Read more »

New Partners

Last week was CVN’s annual Membership Meeting.  During this time, CVN staff noted the desire in coming years to honor… Read more »

Fear Not. Be Smart.

“Work smarter, not harder” was advice offered by a CVN board member a few years ago. Just as I was… Read more »

LEGO Mystery

A few weeks ago, my 11-year-old son was focused on what kind of Advent calendar he wanted. I was slightly… Read more »

The Next Step

October is different for CVN. But I guess in this year every month is different for everyone. That said, this… Read more »

Voting Statement

Catholic Volunteer Network(CVN) believes it is important to offer the statement and resources below. This has received considerable attention from… Read more »

Creative Visibility

In my August “How Can I Help?” letter, I noted some questions CVN is asking about better supporting the network… Read more »

What Do We Do?

“What do I do?” and “What do we do?” are questions you may be asking now.  The desire to respond… Read more »


My sad is not your sad. My angry is not your angry. My story is not your story. But we… Read more »