The Next Step

October is different for CVN. But I guess in this year every month is different for everyone. That said, this month stands out because of several new steps we are taking. Each will also require more steps with hope, trust, and awareness – and ideally be with you. These steps come from the desire to help your programs, and from much thought about how to do that well.

Perhaps the biggest step is into our first virtual annual National Conference on Faith-Based Service on October 28-29. REIMAGINE will focus on the injustice and oppression inherent in the history of faith and service; working in and with the communities programs serve; supporting volunteers in bringing their full selves to the table; exploring how to attract volunteers who represent all communities; and empowering volunteers to positively impact communities. 

Depending on your program’s journey, there may be significant newness in this focus. Although CVN has been exploring how to lead more in these areas, to incorporate vision and action to this degree is new for us. While we are not certain where it will lead us or you, we are confident about the step. Our goal for REIMAGINE is that it be relevant to this time and your deep desires; catalyze energy for change and transition; and provide you connection, creativity, and a focus on action. 

Another step is offering CVN’s first Virtual Recruitment Fair. The event is in November, but this month’s preparations are critical and require new exploration. Moreover, we believe this fair will be connected in spirit to the conference. We think you will take something from the conference that informs how you share – perhaps in new ways – about your mission and what it can mean at this time.

Finally, CVN steps into new relationship and welcomes Jocelyn A. Sideco as our Digital Outreach Associate. This is a new position addressing the reality of the moment and what we have learned from you about the need for online visibility and strategy to promote the field of faith-based service.  In this role, Jocelyn will work to increase awareness about faith-based service opportunities to a broader, more diverse audience showing up in more online spaces and communities. Jocelyn will help lift up volunteer and partner voices of action during this transformative time in our world’s story.

Faith is often about taking a step with the right balance of trust and confidence. CVN believes we are taking the right steps. We hope our path continues to converge with yours in meaningful ways. We pray that some of our steps together can turn into leaps.

May we be faithful enough to boldly REIMAGINE how to create the path we wish to walk.

With you in service,

Yonce Shelton
Executive Director


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