Category: Letters from the Executive Director

Getting the Basics Right

A Letter from the Executive Director Recently, CVN held its annual Program Formation Workshop, which helps those considering beginning a volunteer program or newly engaged in this work to learn the basics of managing a program. One guest speaker introduced the basics of development and mission advancement – but also reminded us about the basics… Read more »

Story and Strategy

A Letter from the Executive Director This letter has many words and concepts, but it is really just about two things: story and strategy. I hope those two ideas stir something in you and open you to an update from CVN about what has been stirring in us. It is critical to understand why we… Read more »

What If?

A Letter from the Executive Director I often think about the “What If?” session at last year’s National Conference that was meant to highlight how member programs were courageously experimenting with new approaches and models. The goal was to catalyze head and heart, help attendees think out loud, and empower them to consider ideas and… Read more »

“I Don’t Want You To Help Me”

A Letter from the Executive Director Last week, I was at a retreat with a diverse group of faith leaders. Many perspectives and missions were represented: climate change; economic justice; voting rights; the crisis facing our democracy; challenges of working with those who differ on tenets of faith. It surprised no one that the concern… Read more »

Voices Crying Out at a Conference

A Letter from the Executive Director You are most recognized for promoting service that transforms. But you also prepare volunteers to find their voices for leadership. That’s a great thing to honor during Advent. Two days into our annual conference in November, I lost my voice. After initial frustration, I actually became glad for the… Read more »