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Each year during membership renewal, CVN staff and board consider the range of benefits we provide programs. We also reflect on what more we can offer based on ideas you share, the supports you value mostand what else would strengthen your programs. 

In past years, CVN has invested significant time and resources in online marketing and communications to raise awareness for faith-based service and member programs. For example, the “Choose Service” video campaign was designed to help potential volunteers understand the breadth and depth of what you offer. VolunteerFest allowed them to engage creatively with you in an interactive online space. Our online promotion of efforts such as National Volunteer Week allow faith-based service to receive more recognition.  

Now, I am excited to share with you – but hopefully just remind you – about recent project that will increase understanding of and access to your programs.   

A few months ago, CVN launched our En Espanol pages. New pages add: bilingual labels to program searchesan objective of the program field; a Spanish RESPONSE order form; and moreWhen you renewed membership, you were invited to add an “Objetivo del programa” field to your online listing. We hope you value these efforts and that this new resource helps your program communicate better with more potential volunteers. 

This project reflects CVN’s desire to expand audiences of potential volunteers. It reflects our goal of helping faith-based service become more diverse and representative of our nation and world. We know that marketing and accessibility are only a small part of this vision. So, we take this step humbly. And we continue to ask how to take other steps – and leaps – with you to promote justice and equity in service.  

We hope these new pages are helpful to you and volunteers. We hope they deepen conversations and catalyze ideas for change. Moreover, we pray that they foster increased awareness about the many, many steps we can take together to strengthen the role of faith-based services in the Church and world. Please keep your eyes open for an invitation soon to help CVN think big and name more steps.

Contigo en servicio,

Yonce Shelton
Executive Director

P.S.  If you forgot to renew your CVN membership there is still time! Just log in to the CVN website and visit this page: https://catholicvolunteernetwork.org/members/membership-renewal/. Please note that as indicated in previous emails, renewals now incur a 5% late fee as our renewal deadline was April 2. 

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