CVN’s Racial Justice and Diversity Committee Seeks New Members

About the Racial Justice and Diversity Committee at CVN

CVN’s Racial Justice and Diversity Committee has helped shape CVN’s programming since 2009. It is responsible for guiding internal diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts; supporting external advocacy and member development; and assisting the Governance Committee in increasing Board diversity. 

In recent years, the Committee has been increasingly active and has informed CVN’s strategic planning, partnerships, and identity. It has also welcomed several new at-large members from other organizations and movements within the Church. 

A Call to Join the Committee

The Committee’s chair, Phyllis Barker, invites CVN member program staff to consider serving on this Committee. Please contact her at [email protected] to learn more.  

Current Members of the Committee

Current Racial Justice and Diversity Committee members are:
Phyllis Barker, Chair
CJ Willie, EarthConnection
Ryan Lents, Crossroads Anti-Racism Training (at-large)
José Cabrera, Ignatian Solidarity Network (at-large)
Darius Villalobos, National Federation of Catholic Youth Ministry (at-large) 
Bob Shine, New Ways Ministry (at-large)
Tom Branen, Lead for America (at-large)
Glenn Balzer, First Mennonite Church, Denver, CO (at-large) 

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