BECA - Bilingual Education for Central America

Goal of Program

Bilingual Education for Central America (BECA) exists to provide quality, affordable bilingual education to the educationally disenfranchised, while fostering meaningful cultural exchange. Our volunteer-driven bilingual school model creates an environment in which Central American students learn from dedicated volunteer teachers, and those volunteers learn from the community in which they are immersed.

Type of Placement

Full-year: Every year, BECA assembles a team of committed volunteers who want to dedicate themselves for a year of service as full-time classroom teachers engaging the difficult but rewarding work that we do in Honduras. BECA recruits, trains, and provides support to English-speaking volunteers by providing a 6-week Summer teacher training, custom-made curricula, ongoing professional development, room & board, temporary residency (visa) and the opportunity for Spanish language and cultural immersion. All volunteer teachers are assigned to an elementary classroom or middle school classroom. Short-term: We seek approximately 10 - 12 Summer Camp Counselors for our annual Summer Camp for children in 1st through 5th grade. The camp is structured to provide our students with opportunities to remain immersed in the English language over the summer through fun games and activities - making the transition back to classes in August less difficult and preventing summer learning loss.

Service Area

Cofradia, Vida Nueva, and Macuelizo, Honduras

Service Length

1 Year (July to June), 6 months (January to June), and Summer Camp 4 weeks (June to July)

Program Size

Approximately 25 year-long volunteers across our three schools


A commitment to BECA’s mission and a dedication to social justice, Fluency in English, Strong interpersonal and cross-cultural skills, Willingness to operate in a low-resource environment

Financial Arrangements

BECA provides full year volunteers with room and board, daily food stipend, temporary residency status, 6-week summer teacher training, quarterly professional development days

Living Arrangements

Communal living accommodation with fellow volunteers


6-week intensive Summer Teacher Training

Application Deadline

BECA accepts applications on a rolling basis until all volunteer positions are filled.

Start Date


Monique Turner-Lopez


P.O. Box 7400
New York, NY 10150
Phone: +1 (646) 820-BECA (2322)


[email protected]


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Social Media


None. BECA is a secular organization, however, two of our three local partners are Catholic organizations.

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