BECA - Bilingual Education for Central America

Goal of Program

BECA EXISTS TO PROVIDE QUALITY, AFFORDABLE BILINGUAL EDUCATION TO THE EDUCATIONALLY DISENFRANCHISED WHILE FOSTERING MEANINGFUL CULTURAL EXCHANGE. Our volunteer driven, bilingual school model creates an environment in which Central American students learn from dedicated volunteer teachers and those volunteers learn from those communities in which they are immersed.

Type of Placement

Long term: every year BECA assembles a team of committed volunteers who want to dedicate themselves for a year of service as full time classroom teachers. BECA recruits, trains and provides English speaking volunteers with 6 weeks of community induction and teacher training, custom curriculum and materials, a year long covered living expenses, and the opportunity for spanish language and cultural immersion. All selected volunteers are assigned to an elementary classroom, a middle school classroom, or a resource teacher role. Short term: Summer camp counselors will be responsible for planning and executing all daily activities at our camps in either Cofradia or Vida Nueva. Instructors will work with students from 1st to 5th grade. The aim is to make the summer program a fun way for students to continue to use their English over the summer break. Instructors will plan activities across many disciplines including English, art and P.E.

Service Area

Cofradia, Vida Nueva, Azacualpa, Pozas Verde   

Service Length

Long term 1 year minimum : Cofradía, Vida Nueva, Azacualpa, Pozaz Verdes    Short term: Cofradia, Vida Nueva

Program Size

We currently have 30 volunteers: 10 volunteers at Santa Monica Bilingual School; 10 volunteers at San Jeronimo Bilingual School; 10 Volunteers at Amigos de Jesus


For every application we consider the applicant's volunteer service, international engagement, teaching experience and academic record. Applicants do not need to be qualified teachers or speak Spanish.    

Financial Arrangements

Long term: BECA provides room and board to the volunteers as well as a food stipend.

Living Arrangements

BECA volunteers live in a shared house with each other


6 week intensive summer training and ongoing professional development throughout the year

Application Deadline

Year round but we encourage applicants to apply by latest May    

Start Date


Amelie Doyle


P.O. Box 7400
New York, NY 10150


[email protected]


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None, although our Partner schools Amigos de Jesus and Santa Monica are catholic run schools  

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