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Goal of Program

Unique to Catholic Charities of Baltimore, Project SERVE welcomes a community of 4-7 volunteers each year to immerse themselves in full-time service with our programs around the city. Inspired by the Gospel mandates to love, serve, and teach, Catholic Charities provides care and services to improve the lives of Marylanders in need. Cherishing the divine within, we are committed to a Maryland where each person has the opportunity to reach his or her God-given potential. During their year, Project SERVE volunteers live together in intentional community. From their home in the heart of the city, volunteers connect more deeply both with each other, their clients, and with their neighbors: sharing meals together, exploring simplicity and solidarity through lifestyle choices, and discussing spirituality, social justice, and personal reflections during weekly community nights.

Type of Placement

Project SERVE offers an array of hands-on social justice opportunities which include serving people who are poor and/or experiencing homelessness, children who are in need, adults living with developmental disabilities, the elderly, and people who are recent immigrants. Opportunities also include legislative advocacy and volunteer management. For specific examples of typical program sites, see our website. Placements vary from year to year.

Service Area

All service sites are in the Baltimore area, a fun and engaging place to spend a year of service. Baltimore has a big city feel with many small town perks! There are several full-time volunteer programs that call Baltimore home, as well as many Project SERVE alumni who have remained in the are, so there is a built-in support system of people with like-minds and incomes.

Service Length

One year: August through the end of July of the following year

Program Size

4-7 volunteers


One-year commitment; openness to different backgrounds and beliefs; 18 to 30 years of age; free from addictions to alcohol or illegal substances; submit to background checks as required

Financial Arrangements

Room and board; health insurance; monthly stipend for living, transportation and food expenses; financial assistance relocating to and from Baltimore

Living Arrangements

The wonderful and homey Project SERVE house, located in Baltimore's Mt. Vernon neighborhood (just north of downtown), is a four story row-house that has 7 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms and has a community living room and kitchen. The house offers the opportunity for each volunteer to have his/her privacy, while also offering a great living space for building intentional community.


Project SERVE's week-long orientation is held during the end of August and introduces volunteers to one another, Baltimore itself and Catholic Charities as a whole. Training for specific volunteer duties and responsibilities occurs at the service site during the first few weeks of service. There are opportunities to attend workshops and trainings specific to population/program served.

Application Deadline

Priority deadline is Feb. 1, then rolling admission until positions are filled.

Start Date


Sarah McIlvried


320 Cathedral Street
Baltimore, MD 21201
Phone: 667 600-2020



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We are based in Catholic tradition but we welcome individuals of all beliefs. We simply ask that our volunteers come willing to share and listen to one another.

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