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Episcopal Service Corps programs are affiliated with the Episcopal Church through a parish, diocese, monastery, camp, campus ministry, or Episcopal charity. The Episcopal Service Corps does not discriminate on the basis of religion, creed, gender, race, color, sexual orientation, gender expression, ability, or national origin- young adults ages 21-30 of diverse backgrounds are encouraged to apply!
Goal of Program: 
Episcopal Service Corps supports adults ages 21-30 to respond to community needs and participate in social transformation through service, advocacy and community engagement. Our communities are marked by young adults accompanying others in solidarity, promoting justice in community, and deepening spiritual awareness, vocational discernment, and professional development, while living in intentional community.
Type of Placement: 
ESC corps members work in a wide variety of settings including education, homelessness and affordable housing, the arts, health care, disaster response, parish ministry, environmental justice, legal services, community organizing, LGBTQ rights, prison and formerly incarcerated services, immigrant and refugee services, violence prevention and intervention, and food justice. Each program offers different placements depending on the needs and opportunities in the local community. You can find more information about the placements we offer at http://episcopalservicecorps.org/by-interest/.
Service Area: 
Episcopal Service Corps locations include: Atlanta, GA (The Road); Baltimore, MD (ESC Maryland); Boston, MA (Life Together); Chapel Hill, NC (Johnson Service Corps); Cincinnati, OH (Brendan's Crossing); Columbus, OH (Confluence Year); Concord, NH (Assisi House); Davis, CA (LEVN - Lutheran/Episcopal Volunteer Network); Denver, CO (Colorado-ESC); Harrisburg, PA (Sycamore House); Houston, TX (Texas ESC); Los Angeles, CA (Jubilee Urban Intern Program); Minneapolis, MN (Circle of the Beloved); New Haven, CT (St. Hilda's House); New York, NY (New York Service and Justice Collaborative); Oahu, HI (Creation Care); Philadelphia, PA (Servant Year); Richmond, VA (Grace-on-the-Hill); Saint Louis, MO (Deaconess Anne House); South Hadley, MA (Lawrence House); Seattle, WA (Seattle Service Corps); Steamboat Springs, CO (Colorado-ESC); Washington, DC (Trinity Volunteer Corps); and Winston-Salem, NC (The Abraham Project).
Service Length: 
All programs are between 10 and 12 months, beginning in August and ending sometime between May - July. Each program has a slightly different schedule, please check with the particular programs in which you are interested for more specific information.
A willingness to share, work, listen, pray, and grow is required to apply to Episcopal Service Corps! Other than that, no special skills, experience, or education level is necessary. Visit esc.hiretouch.com to apply using the common online application for all ESC programs. Once accepted into a program, each corps member participates in a process to match skills and interests with placements.
Financial Arrangement: 
Housing, health insurance, a personal stipend, a grocery stipend, local transportation (either public transit passes or gas reimbursement, depending on the location,) leadership development, professional development, and spiritual development.
Living Arrangements: 
Corps members live in intentional Christian community in either an apartment or a house. Community life is guided by a mutually written "Rule of Life." Community members share chores and responsibilities (such as grocery shopping and paying the utility bills) equally.
Program Size: 
The programs within the Episcopal Service Corps network vary in size from three corps members in one house to up to 25 corps members living in multiple houses.
Come as you are. All relevant training will be completed as part of your year of service during orientation, retreats, and sessions throughout the year.
Application Deadline: 
The ESC application posts the week of Thanksgiving each year, with rolling deadlines until programs are filled.
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