Franciscan Partners Program

Goal of Program

The Franciscan Partners Program is a volunteer program administered by the Franciscans of Our Lady of Guadalupe Province in Albuquerque, NM. It is a group of lay people either from the local community or from other areas who are committed to a year or more of service to the poor and marginalized peoples of the geographic area served by the Friars of Our Lady of Guadalupe Province. They come to live with and empower the people with whom they will minister. They come to learn rather than to teach. These men and women share a desire to grow in their knowledge and experience of the Franciscan charism as they respond to a call to minister to others in the spirit of St. Francis of Assisi and thereby assume their rightful place in ministry and leadership roles of their Church. In summary, their purpose is to assist people of the local Church in reaching their full potential, as they take ownership and responsibility in their local Church community.

Type of Placement

Catechists, Home Visitors, Teachers, Doctors, Nurses, Office Helpers, Mechanics, Construction Workers, Musicians, etc. The individual gifts and talents of each volunteer will be assessed for the most appropriate placement.

Service Area

The volunteer will serve at one of the locations where the Friars of the Province minister. Currently they are ministering primarily with the Native Americans on the Navajo Reservation in eastern Arizona and the Pueblo tribes of New Mexico. In the past they have also ministered in Juarez, Mexico at a children's shelter and a number of small Hispanic communities in northern New Mexico.

Service Length

The normal length of service is one year.

Program Size

Varies, up to six participants each year.


At least 21 years old and in good physical and mental health. The volunteer must be willing to undergo a proper screening process, which includes both medical and behavioral assessment interview. A resume, three letters of recommendation, autobiography and life line, as well as listing of previous employment and ministry experience.

Financial Arrangements

Franciscan Partners Program will pay for bus transportation from the volunteer's home to the orientation site. The Partners Program will provide and pay for any personality testing as deemed necessary by the Director. Partners will also provide the orientation program and one spiritual retreat a year for the volunteers. The on-site agency (church, school, mission, or other institution) which contracts for the service of a volunteer will pay for transportation at the end of the agreed period of commitment, $100 per month food allowance, $100 per month personal stipend, $25 per month for commuting expenses and the total cost of housing, which includes rent (if applicable), utilities, maintenance and basic telephone service (excluding long distance calls) if the residence has a phone. The Partners Program encourages volunteers to retain their current health insurance. If the volunteer does not have health insurance, it will be provided and paid for by the on-site agency. If a volunteer does have health insurance

Living Arrangements

Under most circumstances, the Partners will live in separate quarters from the Friar community. Regular prayer and sharing sessions with the hosting Friar community will be included in the living arrangements. Ordinarily, a Partner will not live alone unless serving in such a capacity is essential to the ministry. If at all possible, two Partners will be assigned to a site. However, because of the nature of many of our sites the Partner may be assigned alone. Opportunities for the Partners to come together during the year are encouraged.


If, after receiving all the required documents, the application is approved by the Director, then the volunteer will be invited to participate in a one-month on-site orientation program for further evaluation and initial training.

Application Deadline

Applications accepted any time.

Start Date

Contact Name:

Bruce Michalek


P.O. Box 12395
Albuquerque, NM 87195
Phone: 505 877-8006



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