Goal of Program

Inspired by the lives of Saints Francis and Clare of Assisi, FrancisCorps volunteers do not simply do a “year of service” but instead participate in an experience of Gospel living, the foundation of which is the volunteers’ relationship with God. The FrancisCorps experience is brought to life through comprehensive and balanced service, intentional community and faith formation rooted in the Franciscan charism. This is accomplished through shared daily meals and prayer, direct service 5 days a week, weekly Mass, faith sharing, 5 retreats and a pilgrimage to Assisi, Italy! The year challenges those who share this experience to transform a year of service into a lifetime committed to living the Gospel!

Type of Placement

Saint Francis said that “at all times preach the Gospel, if necessary use words.” The service provided by FrancisCorps volunteers is built on this idea. By directly serving our brothers and sisters in need and building relationships with them, we also build and deepen our relationship with God. It is in this way that FrancisCorps volunteers become living witnesses of the Gospel for those they serve, those they serve alongside, and one another. The types of service volunteers provide includes but is not limited to: health care, hospice care, housing issues, maternal and infant care, refugee resettlement, social services (emergency drop-in center), soup kitchen and food distribution, teaching, and youth mentorship.

Service Area

Syracuse, New York

Service Length

One year (beginning of August through end of June).

Program Size

Maximum of eight volunteers, typically between five and seven.


Volunteers are young adults age, 21 to 25, usually Catholic or another Christian denomination, eligible to work in the U.S. and able to travel outside the U.S. for retreats and pilgrimage.

Financial Arrangements

While FrancisCorps volunteers live simply, we work hard to ensure all your needs are met. Housing, utilities, a community food budget, a personal stipend, medical insurance (if needed), and transportation to and from your work site are all provided. Volunteers are also provided each of the five retreats and the pilgrimage to Assisi, Italy free of cost.

Living Arrangements

Volunteers live in a house provided by FrancisCorps. Each volunteer is provided their own bedroom and share two full bathrooms, a kitchen, dining room and living room with other volunteers.


August: Orientation & Training Retreat; Fall: Community Retreat Weekend; Winter: Service Retreat Weekend; Lent: Prayer Retreat Weekend; Spring: Assisi Pilgrimage; July: Transition Retreat.

Application Deadline

Apply early and get a decision early! Prior to January 31, applications are reviewed as they arrive and we work to get you an interview and decision within two weeks of receiving your completed application. Our General Application Deadline is April 1. After that, we will continue to accept applications if we have room in our community.

Start Date


Jenny Rose Anacan


P.O. Box 11166
Syracuse, NY 13218
Phone: 315 426-0481


[email protected]


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Additional Contacts

Johanna Cajina
812 N Salina Street
Syracuse, NY 13208
Phone: 315 426-0481
[email protected]

Jenny Rose Anacan


Alexander LaPoint


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FrancisCorps is an experience of Gospel life in the Roman Catholic tradition rooted in the Franciscan Charism shared by the Franciscan Friars Conventual of the Our Lady of Angels Province.

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