Holy Family Service Corps

Goal of Program

Holy Family Service Corps (HFSC) exists to engage dedicated young people for one or two years in vital service to families and children in need. By fostering growth in faith and living in community we hope to make a difference in our world. HFSC is a ministry of Holy Family Institute in collaboration with the Sisters of the Holy Family of Nazareth.

Type of Placement

We seek one-year and two-year service volunteers. Serve a Nazareth Year in one of our social service programs and receive and education award. The Nazareth Year member serves in refugee care services or social services. Teaching fellows serve in an education setting- either high school setting teaching English, math or science with underserved students or special education setting with students who have social and behavioral support needs, grades 1-12. Teaching Fellows attend classes at Duquesne University or Carlow University to earn a master’s degree in special education, secondary education, MAT, or Theology (Duquesne only); TUITION-FREE. Social Service Fellows serve in our In-home services program with underserved and marginalized families and work toward earning a MSW from Carlow University. Volunteer placements will be made based on individual interest, education, skills, and the organizational needs.

Service Area

Greater Pittsburgh, PA Region

Service Length

The Nazareth year is an 11-month program (mid-August to mid-July); Teaching Fellowship term is a 2 year commitment. Social Service Fellowship term determined by the fellows advanced standing with BSW

Program Size

Teaching Fellowship program: maximum of 4 fellows per year. Social Service Fellows 3 per year. Nazareth Year members: 2 volunteers per year in Pittsburgh.


Females or males 21; college degree in area of service or work experience; good mental and physical health; willing to live simply, comfort in Catholic faith-sharing environment; humor & enthusiasm..

Financial Arrangements

Each member is provided community housing, a personal stipend, and a food and activity stipend.

Living Arrangements

Community living with private bedroom, shared common areas, and bathrooms.


One-week orientation and ongoing professional development provided through the ministry service sites. On the job training will be provided.

Application Deadline

June 15th with some flexibility. Earlier is preferable.

Start Date

Early to mid August.


Lynn Guerra


8235 Ohio River Boulevard
Pittsburgh, PA 15202
Phone: 412-766-9020 x1304


[email protected]


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Additional Contacts

Lynn Guerra
8235 Ohio River Boulevard
Pittsburgh, PA 15202
Phone: 412 766-4030
[email protected]

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