LAMP Catholic Ministries

Goal of Program

LAMP (Lay Apostolic Ministries with the Poor) is a ministry in the Archdiocese of NY and Brooklyn that offers lay adults the opportunity to deepen their faith through a time (6 months minimum) of committed service and prayer, in the spirit of St. Francis, working with the materially poor in NYC. Founded by Tom & Lyn Scheuring, OFS, in 1981, our mission is to share the love of Jesus with those who suffer the most in our society – those who are poor, homeless, abandoned, sick, elderly, or ignored. LAMP Missionaries live in community (separate women and men residences). As well as service, we participate daily in Mass and prayer times, knowing that it is our life support personally and necessary for growth in holiness & fruit in our mission. As a missionary you will receive ongoing formation, free room and board, food and travel expenses covered, $350 monthly stipend, and medical insurance. Do you have the call to know and love Jesus more fully through serving the poor? Contact us to explore more.

Type of Placement

LAMPCafe uses a food truck that goes out to different sites in the Bronx to share faith, food, and fellowship. LAMP provides a homeless visitation outreach and Bible study fellowship ministry in Times Square in midtown Manhattan. LAMP missionaries offer a prayerful witness for life through LAMP for Life in the Bronx. LAMP Missionaries visit a shelter for homeless families, which includes recent immigrant families, offering faith support to mothers and to children. Visits to poor nursing homes and hospitals to spiritually support patients is another avenue of service. LAMP has active ministries visiting homeless shelters for families, pro-life outreach, youth detention centers, and nursing homes throughout NYC.

Service Area

Metropolitan New York area: Archdiocese of New York, Diocese of Brooklyn.

Service Length

6 months minimum, can be renewed indefinitely; potential for permanent vocation.

Program Size

7-15 volunteers


USA Based Men and women. Single, married, religious. Ages 22 years to 45 if living with other missionaries, or older if living at home. Physical examination. Psychological test. Practicing Catholic.

Financial Arrangements

Room and board, $350 monthly stipend, medical insurance, transportation to and from mission site, living accommodations in community.

Living Arrangements

Community living, or for local members, at home.


Orientation and in-service training. Support in specific ministries by staff, other educators and pastoral ministers.

Application Deadline


Start Date

Rolling admissions

Contact Name:

Marybeth Greene


2704 Schurz Ave
Bronx, NY 10465
Phone: 718 409-5062



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