Lay Mission-Helpers Association

Goal of Program

We are Lay Mission-Helpers, called by baptism to live our Catholic faith, to share our gifts and to learn from others, as we walk with those who are marginalized in our world.

Type of Placement

Our work overseas includes healthcare, education, technical and vocational training, administration, accounting, computers, etc.

Service Area

Our lay missioners work in Ghana, Uganda, and Honduras..

Service Length

Three years, renewable.

Program Size

Average of six volunteers per year.


Practicing Catholic, single, married, ages 22 to 62 years (upper age negotiable), U.S. citizen. Physical and psychological testing. College education and certification required for most positions. Work experience.

Financial Arrangements

Room and board provided overseas, stipend, medical insurance. Transportation to and from mission site. Lay missionaries expected to do some fund raising to offset costs.

Living Arrangements

Living arrangements vary. Some live alone. Some live with other members, other religious or expatriates. Couples and families have private housing options. We strive to send new lay missioners in groups of two or more to an already existing LMH community.


Four-month preparation which includes theology, scripture, spirituality, cross cultural issues, adult development, and other workshops. Candidates live in a community house in Los Angeles during the training. Language studies provided overseas.

Application Deadline

Any time. To be considered for the August Formation Program, appls. must be rec'd by April 1st.

Start Date


Janice England


6102 S. Victoria Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90043
Phone: 213 368-1873


[email protected]


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Janice England
6102 S. Victoria Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90043
Phone: 213 368-1873
[email protected]

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